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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Easy Data Collection

I am always looking for ways to make data collection easier. As the demands on teachers to provide data increases, the reliability of the data is also being more closely monitored. How can we take frequent, reliable data and still teach? 

The days of taking data 3 times a year (beginning, middle and end) are gone, especially in the special-ed classroom. We have IEPs to keep up with and, many times, every goal on the IEP has a different criteria. 

Another way they make us crazy challenge for ESE teachers is that a student's IEP does not conveniently begin at the start of the school year and end at the end of the school year. It may be written in January! This means the data must carry over from one school year to another or even change hands if (and when) a new teacher is involved. YIKES! If you are a new special-ed teacher reading this, don't worry! There are solutions, I promise! 

This is why special-ed teachers are so special! We are always coming up with ways to SIMPLIFY. Whatever they throw at us, we'll find a way!  

Here's one way I like to simplify. I made a simple data form for reading response in small-group. This can be used for 'wh' questions or any key-detail question. 
Mrs. Irvin's Toolbox
In the example below, this student was able to answer 3 out of 5 questions related to the story we read. More specifically, I know that she was able to answer the 'who' and 'where' questions but not the open-ended questions about other details of the story. 
Mrs. Irvin's Toolbox
It's a simple little form that takes no time at all and gives me good information. I keep a stack of these handy and file it away for future reference.  

If you think you can use this, click on any of the pictures to find it in my store. Hope it helps! 
Mrs. Irvin's Toolbox

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  1. I'm a new special ed teacher, so I definitely appreciate your advice!


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