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Monday, June 13, 2016

Easy-to-use printables for Kindergarten Sight-words

Do you use Wonders? It's the Mc-Graw-Hill reading series that we use at my school. I use it in my K-3 special-ed class and there are a lot of things I really like about it. One of the struggles we all face now is teaching very young children to read. In Kindergarten, they must learn a minimum of 40 sight-words. Yikes! The Wonders reading series breaks them up into ten units. 

To make this easier in my classroom, I've created these simple little checklists for my students to use. It's a great tool for them and for me. Students can use it for their word work, at centers and for homework. Their parents can use it at home for practice and it's a great way for them to know how their child is progressing. I use it for quick checks and weekly assessments. 
Sight word practice and Assessment

There's also a complete list of all of the words from all ten units. I use this periodically to monitor how many words my students have. I also use this list as remediation for my special needs students who are not quite on grade-level. It gives them a way to feel successful as the lists are broken down into smaller tasks and they can move on as they are ready. Click on the image below for a free printable sample
 Freebie! Sight-word checklist 
For homework, I use these sight-word practice sheets. There are 4 pages per week. These can also be used for independent practice or morning work. You don't even have to be using Wonders to use these practice sheets. 

They introduce the words and provide different ways to practice the same words for the week. There's even a spot for parents to initial. 

Most importantly, each page includes a fluency box with the new words and review words. The fluency box is on each page for daily practice and review of past words. As you know, fluency of sight words will help students become more confident readers. So, the more practice we can provide, the better! There are also weeks of review included throughout the packet and review pages at the end. 
Click on the image below to get this packet:
 Sight-Word Homework

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