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Friday, May 6, 2016

Wow! What a (Teacher Appreciation) Week!

What an amazing week this has been! Looking back, it's no wonder I'm so tired! In addition to the all of the end-of-the-year craziness like IEP meetings, staff meetings and never-ending checklists, there's a ton of good stress. Good or bad, there's a lot to do. I mean, there are just so many hours in the day, right? 

I know you can all relate. May and June for teachers is like tax season for accountants - crazy! 

I am just coming down from the high of "teacher appreciation week". It's the week when your students and their parents, and sometimes the whole community, showers you with love. 

The week started with decorated doors. I was greeted by this adorable sight on Monday morning. 
Minions - The Teacher's Toolbox

And here's my neighbor's door. How cute is that?
If you give a mouse... The Teacher's Toolbox

Can you tell I live in the south? :) 

The week just kept getting better and better. There were muffins and coffee delivered to our doors. 

The Teacher's Toolbox

There were personalized buckets for the treats that were about to come pouring into our class. By the end of the day, my bucket was overflowing with chips, cookies, m&m's chocolate bars and all kinds of sinful delicious delights. 
The Teacher's Toolbox

The next day, the buckets were filled with school supplies. It's always nice to get our school supplies refreshed. By this time of the year, we're out of cleaning wipes, dry-erase markers, tissue... all of it. 

And the surprises didn't stop. They just kept coming in. How about a scratch-off lottery ticket? What a fun treat that was! I even won $3 dollars on it! Time to buy more tickets. :) 
The Teacher's Toolbox

There were handmade notes from my students, flower-filled vases, daily treats in our boxes... all kinds of goodness! 

So, we're only halfway through the week and I remember I've signed up for the painting party just for teachers. (What was I thinking?!) We painted door signs after school. I chose an anchor. I think it turned out pretty cute considering they give you a blank wooden shape and a paint brush and expect you to know what to do. What?? No regrets, it was a nice way to do something creative with my fellow teachers.

The Teacher's Toolbox
Believe it or not, I've been teaching all week. Yes, we were still reading and writing, but all of a sudden the end of the week was quickly approaching and it was time to prepare for Mother's Day! Thank God for Pinterest! Here's our version of this idea: 
The Teacher's Toolbox
The Teacher's Toolbox 

I think they turned out adorable! We painted with bubble-wrap and added some sparkly borders. Such a fun project; I hope all the moms love it as much as I do. 

Our week ended with an amazing staff luncheon provided by our school's parents and PTO. Way, way too much food! 

So, here it is Friday night. My feet are aching but my heart (and tummy) is full. Not sure I'm really even ready to tackle the weekend. Time for some rest and relaxation. It's been a busy week!

PS. Did I mention we took the kids to Disney last weekend? :) #enoughforoneweek 


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