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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Inspiration Is Everywhere!

What inspires you? That's such a difficult question to answer. We don't really know until it happens. Like a flash of lightning, a thought or a feeling will come over you that you didn't expect. And sometimes that spark will come from the simplest of things. 

Teachers, as you may very well know, live for this inspiration. We NEED it! Crave it! We'll take it any way we can get it. After all, it takes a lot to motivate and inspire others to learn. If you're not a teacher, you probably think that listening to motivational speakers and attending professional development classes would do it. Sometimes it does, if you're lucky. But after 16 years of teaching I can tell you that I am most motivated by this: OTHER TEACHERS. 

Teachers are in the trenches, finding out first-hand what works and what doesn't. Conducting their own research, keeping their own data. No textbook needed. 

So look no further than your neighboring teachers for true inspiration. Take a little tour of your own school. Walk into classrooms and take pictures. I've done this before and it is so much fun! This is why I love TPT. Teachers, all around the world, sharing their ideas and creativity. 

I'll leave you with a little something that inspired me recently. I'm sure you've seen her work. It's one of those simple things, my first cup of coffee of the day with a little message, reminding me to stay creative.
Mrs Irvin's Toolbox
Mug from Creative Clips Clipart

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